Preparing your luggage. Top tips to save space!


All is set for your much anticipated trip to foreign lands and the last thing pending is to prepare your luggage. One of the first things you should do to tackle this demanding task with success, is to allow for enough time that will help you think through what you really need and avoid carrying too much for no reason. So, don’t wait until the last minute to start packing!

  1. Depending on the place you are going and the time of year, check what the weather will be like on the days of your stay. Even if you do this quite early, you will still get an idea of what the temperature will be like and if you need to predict for rain or snow. Based on your findings, pack accordingly.
  2. Try to identify in your closet the clothes that you will need, in the following way: for each day of your stay, place on your bed a possible outfit. For example, take out two pairs of pants and three tops per pair – you immediately have six outfits! Pants don’t need to be washed as often as shirts, and so, 2-3 pairs should be enough for a good number of days. The same goes for skirts. Dresses are a different story since you will only need shoes and a jacket to complete an outfit.
  3. Don’t overdo the shoes. If you are traveling for business, one pair of dress shoes should suffice. If you are traveling for pleasure, sneakers or loafers might be all you need. Again, 2-3 pairs of shoes total should be enough the complete the outfits that you will need for the total time spent away from home.
  4. Protect your shoes by filling them with protective material and placing them in separate textile or plastic bags. Shoes tend to get dirty so you need to separate them from the rest of the items in your suitcase anyway.
  5. Fold each item of clothing in such a way that it is as thin as possible and place it in the suitcase so as to fill every corner. We tend to place everything in the middle of the suitcase leaving the corners empty. This is not a good way to save space.
  6. Even if you have done a good job folding your clothes and placing them in the suitcase, there still might be some space left in the corners to fill. Squeeze some socks or underwear in these, because they are small and take less space per piece. You also don’t care if these get cramped a bit since they won’t need ironing.
  7. Make sure to remember your bathing suit if you are traveling close to the sea or you are staying at a hotel with a pool or spa. It won’t take much space and you will not regret taking it along, even if you don’t use it while there.
  8. Don’t pack liquids over 100 ml if you plan to take your suitcase on the plane cabin. They will be removed and discarded at the security check. This might include cosmetics and perfumes.
  9. In choosing your clothes, prefer the clothes that don’t take a lot of space. Leave your thick turtle neck behind, and rather, take a thin wool or cashmere top if you need to stay warm at your destination.
  10. Jackets can be left outside and carried through by hand during your trip. It is advisable to take one piece if this will cover most of your outfits, or, if you take several, again, choose the thinnest that you have. If placed in the suitcase, a jacket can take up most of the available space!
  11. Delicate items such as mens shirts or stockings should be placed in plastic bags individually. This will ensure that they will travel safely. Also, shirts that are wrapped in plastic tend to remain at a good shape during travel and they don’t immediately need ironing once you reach your hotel room.

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