How to get the best car hire deal


It seems to be the standard advice for every purchase these days but market comparison is the key first step to getting a great car hire deal. Shopping around and comparing the various car hire providers has never been easier thanks to car hire comparison sites like, brokers like and others, so use them.

Car hire can be overlooked in the holiday planning process but it pays to get it booked as early as possible. Car hire prices will rise the closer you get to your date of departure so make sorting out a hire car part of the initial process of booking your holiday.

When you’re comparing car hire deals, remember that the smallest car is not always the cheapest. The market is all about supply and demand and hire companies will lower the prices on certain vehicle types if they have lots left over. If you need a 7-seat hire car that’s not going to help much but if you can be flexible, check prices for all the vehicle categories that meet your needs. You could get a larger car and pay less.

Like car insurance, however, the lowest price doesn’t necessarily represent the best car hire deal. It’s always worth looking carefully at the extras and small print. Some policies will limit the mileage you can do, others will insist that you return the car with a full tank of petrol and some companies won’t stipulate how much fuel you’ll need to have in the car. It all varies from company to company.

Another thing that can change the cost of your rental is the number of drivers that you add to the policy. A second driver over 25 will often add a negligible cost but attempt to add someone that is under 25 and the price could rocket.

Before you head off on holiday, remember to take the driving licences of anyone who’ll need to drive the hire car. You’ll need a credit card too so the car hire company can take the deposit.

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