Car rental: What should I do with the gasoline?

transportation and ownership concept - man pumping gasoline fuel in car at gas station

You finally found the best car rental agency and now you have just booked the car you like. Most of the task is done, but what are you supposed to do with the gasoline? Gas is a common problem when renting a car and this may be the reason for raise of the cost by an extra fee, so try to be careful. Let’s see which options you have and how does each case cost.

One option is to get a filled tank with gasoline and never refill it before you return. In that case, you may feel that you gain the cost of the gas. This is not true. Most of the car rental companies charge a high fee (higher than the cost of feeling the tank) if you drop off the car with no gasoline. So, this option seems to be a very expensive one, almost prohibitive.

Something else you can do is to prepay for the gas when booking, or ask for the agency to fill the tank when you pick it up. This service sounds good, but in both cases, you leave the company to set the cost per gallon for you. Obviously, you cannot trust someone you don’t know for a matter like this. Another thing is that even with filled tank, you may finally get at the “option one” condition: having an empty tank right before your drop off! Then, you may face the penalty, or you should refill it before you return. So, if you finally get forced to visit a gas station, then why don’t do so from the start?

And your last option, which is the cheapest one: picking the car up with no completely filled tank and then visiting a gas station nearby right away. You can make a market research via the net, in order to find the less expensive local station and get there to fill the car’s tank. If the tank be empty again while you travel, plan to refill it when returning to the car agency, at the same cheap gas station.

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