Common road accidents and how to avoid them


Which are the most common road accidents and what should we be aware of in order to avoid them? Let’s read some things that will help:

Vehicle Malfunction
This is regularly a result of poor maintenance of the car’s several parts. To avoid problems of this kind, follow the rules of frequent inspections. Schedule regular visits for professional checking and try to prevent malfunctions before they are sensate. When renting a car, ask for proofs to guarantee that the vehicle is in excellent condition.

Alcohol Consumption
The combination of alcohol and driving is the number one reason for car accidents. Alcohol suppresses human body and makes driving harder. When you are under alcohol, you may feel capable of driving, thought this is an illusion. After parties, you have better to use a taxi to return home. Alternatively, plan to take with you a co-driver who is supposed to refrain from alcohol, in order to drive the car afterwards.

Bad road condition
This is a factor about which you cannot take much prevention. Especially when you rent a car at a foreign country with really bad road network. In that case, you may drive very carefully, following the local speed limits.

Motorcycle appearance
Bikes or motorcycles may be moving within the car’s blind spot. As a result, road accidents caused by their sudden appearance are very common. When driving, try to check all your mirrors for motorbikes and always use your turn signals.

Drive too closely behind another vehicle
Especially when you both run! In order to avoid an accident, try to leave a good space between you and the car in front of you. In addition, prefer lower speed.

Weather conditions
When the weather is bad, then driving is a risk. This is a result of both driver’s bad vision and the road’s worse condition. Things are really bad when raining or snowing, so try to avoid using the car when the weather is really bad.

Driver falling asleep
Driving is a relaxing procedure, so it is very common driver falling asleep, especially when he/she is tired. So, don’t drive when you feel sleepy! If you feel like sleeping while driving, the stop and rest for half an hour before continuing your travel.

Using mobile phone
Talking on the phone or texting while driving can cause an accident! Just try to use hands-free accessories, or just refrain from using your phone while driving.

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