Prepaying for car rental: what to expect


When making a market research via the net, in order to find a car to rent, you may face a big dilemma: should you prepay for a car, or should just reserve it and then pay for it at the rental car agency?

At first, let’s see how the whole thing with the reservations works. Car rental industry faces a frequent problem: the non-shows. This means, that almost one third of the drivers who make a reservation never appear at the agency. In order to come up against this phenomenon, most of the agencies overbook a location. As a result, it is very possible for a driver who has made a reservation to get at the agency and find neither the model that has selected, nor a car at all. This situation is of course something that doesn’t make happy either the agency or the renter.
Trying to solve the problem, more and more car rental agencies try to motivate the drivers to prepay for the car and don’t just reserve it. They offer a financial incentive plus the guarantee that the car will be there at the agency, waiting for the driver to pick it up!

So, what are the pros and cons of pre paying for a car rental?

The pros
When you press the “pay now” button, it will cost less than paying in cash at the agency. In addition, when prepaying, you make sure that you will take the car you want and no problems will occur when you visit the agency. So, if you have a certain plan about your trip and a schedule that is not going to change for any reason, then you have better to prepay for the car rental!

The cons
Someone may say that prepaying is the best by far, but there is still a disadvantage in this option. Before you prepay, you must be completely sure about your decision to rent this car. In addition, you must have a certain schedule for the arrival and the departure, elsewhere you may not be able to change things after prepaying. In that case, you may finally don’t show if things change for you. And that means that you will lose your money!

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