Rental cars: make the best choice for your family


You are getting prepared to go on vacations abroad with full your family, meaning you the parents and your little children as well. If you plan to fly by plane and then rent a car when reaching your destination, then there is a key matter to keep in mind! You need extra safety accessories for the kids: car seats, especially if they are under 12 year old. So, what to do? Are you going to rent some seats from the rental agency, or you are taking your own with you?

Using your own car seats is the safest, but this is obviously not the easiest way. In addition, it sounds cheap, but may not be. In order to have the seats on the travel, you have to pack them and bring them with you. This is an extra package, which will raise the flight cost for sure. On the other hand, this is the only way to be sure about the good condition of the seat: how else you could be ensured about the safety adequacy if you haven’t seen the seat! Are you a bit confused? Let’s see the pros and cons of renting a child seat when renting a car, in order to make it less complex.

You don’t need to bring any child seats with you while flying or traveling by ship. This will make your trip more comfortable and less stressful. It is not a good idea to bring all that many staff for you and the kids, plus the oversized child car seats.
Not taking extra packages with you, especially on the flight, means that the cost will not raise. Most flying companies charge usually charge a fee for extra luggage and this is something you should keep in mind.

In most cases, agencies offer child car seats, but this service raises the standard cost of the car rental. Before renting the seats, try to negotiate for a special discount.
Another problematic thing when renting a child seat is the safety matter. You read on the site that the seats are in the best conditions, but who guarantees that this is true? Before selecting a car rental agency, find some reviews on the net about its services and especially about the children seats.

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